Expo 15 & 16 – August 15th 2021

The Third Edition of Expo 15 & 16 in San Antonio!

With over 800 people in attendance at the Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas, our first Expo 15 & 16 was a success!
Over three months of planning had gone to this grand event. The Expo 15 & 16 team worked tirelessly to invite vendors to come participate. Lots of time came into promoting the Expo. All this hard work paid off greatly! This Expo 15 & 16 brought various vendors from the party essentials, DJ, photography, catering, venues to the extravagant party needs like party bus, LED robots and more!

Participants of this event, both ticket holders and vendors, were content with the outcome of this Expo 15 & 16! Crowds gathered at the main stage every hour to watch vendor spotlights. Money giveaways were everyone’s favorite! Raffle winners were determined by the wristband number so a lucky ticket holder would have a chance to win up to $500 cash upfront!

This expo proved that there was a high demand for quinceañeras and sweet 16 needs. This market welcomed all those who needed help with planning their party. Vendors inspired quinceañeras and more the party of their dreams is possible! We want to thank all those who participated and helped make this day come true.

We expect greater and bigger things with the upcoming expos!

Author: Jazciel Nepzaly